How to Access Phone Codes

By Shelley Smith

Phone access codes are used to unlock or unblock a cell phone, which is now legal in the United States. The access code is also called the PUK, or pin unblocking key. When a phone is unlocked, you can use it with a different carrier and there are no roaming charges. Each phone has a specific access code to unlock it, so securing the correct access code for your personal phone is an important component to unlocking it.

Step 1

Contact your cell phone service provider and request the access code for your specific cell phone. Your provider may give you the PUK as a courtesy.

Step 2

Identify the PUK or access code through your provider's or manufacturer's website. The PUK is a series of numbers that you input into your cell phone. Once you input the PUK, directions for unlocking appear on the display panel.

Step 3

Hire a reputable unlocking company that will provide you with the PUK code. Use a reputable site and compare costs. Unlocking companies do charge a fee to disclose the PUK code, but once you pay for the code, you can input the PUK into the cell phone and follow the prompts to complete the unlock.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are under a current cell contract, read it carefully before you unlock your phone, because some providers have clauses in contracts that allow them to impose penalties and fees for unlocking your cell phone without permission.