How to Access Previously Typed Passwords

By Michael Davidson

Passwords have become a part of daily life for most people in the age of computers, cell phones and ATMs. Some people use a different password for everything, while others prefer one master password for their email, bank accounts and other protected accounts. If you need to access a password that has been previously entered on your computer, you have several options for doing so. However, you should only try to access a password if you have permission to use that particular account.

Things You'll Need

  • Password recovery program
  • Key logger program

Step 1

Visit the password-protected page on your computer. If the person who used your computer had clicked on "Save password" or if that option was already enabled, the password should show up automatically. While you won't be able to see the actual password, you'll be able to access the account in question.

Step 2

Click on the area where the password needs to be entered and then push the down arrow key. This will sometimes open a drop-down menu revealing previously entered information in that space, depending on the website and computer.

Step 3

Download a password recovery program. These programs are designed to reveal any password that is hidden by asterisks on your system. If the password was entered previously on your system and is still visible, albeit encrypted, the program can possibly uncover it.

Step 4

Install a key logger program on your computer. Key loggers keep track of every keystroke entered on your system, making it simple to locate previously entered passwords when needed.