How to Access the Partition on Dell PC Recovery

By Isaiah Turning

Dell computers are simple to customize and affordable to order. In addition, newer Dell model computers come with a hidden recovery partition to help in the event of computer failure. This recovery partition includes a full ghost image of the Dell computer's factory settings. To use the Dell Factory Image Restore, you must know how to access the hidden partition where it is located.

Step 1

Turn on the computer and immediately press F8 on your keyboard until the boot options menu opens.

Step 2

Press down on the keyboard to select "Repair Your Computer." Press "Enter."

Step 3

Choose the language settings for the restore and click "Next" to log in. Log in to the Administrator's account.

Step 4

Select "Dell Factory Image Restore" and click "Next" to continue.

Step 5

Select the option to reformat the hard drive and restore the system to factory settings. Click "Next." Once the process is complete, select "Finish" to restart the system.

Tips & Warnings

  • Dell's Support Center warns that restoring the original factory image will erase your existing hard drive contents. Back up all of your information before you use the Dell Factory Image to repair.

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