How to Access Your Webmail

By Scott Stanchak

Webmail is a form of email that allows the user to access an email account using the browser, as opposed to using an email client. The convenience of Webmail is one of the main attractions of the service. Webmail allows a user to log in to his account and access his email from anywhere there is an Internet connection. This is possible because messages are downloaded and stored on a remote server.

Step 1

Enter the URL of your Webmail service into your browser's navigation bar.

Step 2

Locate the login form field. The form is typically on the Webmail service's homepage, but may be on a separate login page.

Step 3

Type your username and password into the appropriate text fields.

Step 4

Click the "Sign In" button. Your Webmail account will load shortly after.

Tips & Warnings

  • Log out of your Webmail account if you are on a public computer. This will prevent the next person to use the same computer from accessing your account.