How to Activate a Comcast Cable Box

By Carson Barrett

Comcast is one the the nation's largest cable providers. When you install a cable box from Comcast, you need to get the box activated after you connect it to your television. This is a fairly straightforward task that, once completed, will allow you to enjoy the benefits that Comcast cable provides you.

Step 1

Connect all of the cable boxes, following the instructions provided (Comcast uses several different models).

Step 2

Program the Comcast-provided remote control to your television, again following the instructions.

Step 3

Write down the serial number of each cable box that you are activating.

Step 4

Call Comcast to activate your service, or contact them online. Have the serial numbers of the cable boxes and your account information available. Follow the prompts on the screen or on the phone, and turn on your television(s).

Step 5

Wait a few minutes, then scroll through the channels to ensure that the boxes have been activated.