How to Activate a Metro PCS Payment Card

By Mario Calhoun

Having to manually enter your payment method for your Metro PCS phone is a hassle, which is why Metro PCS provides an automatic payment service for the mobile account. Automatic payment deducts the total amount of your mobile bill five days before the bill's due date, which ensures your payment is always on time and leaves enough time to correct any authorization issues that may occur before the due date. Automatic payment is a free service available through the Metro PCS customer support, and is applied to the following billing cycle once it is set up.

Step 1

Dial *611 on your Metro PCS phone or dial 1-888-863-8768 on an alternate phone to contact customer service.

Step 2

Say "Continue," and enter your Metro PCS number if dialing from an alternate phone.

Step 3

Say "Automatic bill payment" and enter the credit or debit card you wish to assign to your Metro PCS account.

Step 4

Follow the automated menu commands to complete the automatic payment setup, and press the "End Call" button to disconnect from the call.