How to Activate a New Phone With AT&T

By Nicole Crawford

According to the corporation's website, AT&T had more than 77 million customers in 2009. This is not surprising, considering that it offered the fastest 3G network in America during that same year. AT&T offers many cell phone models, including the recently added iPhone and smart phones. Cell phone plans range from basic personal accounts to family plans or data plans. Before you can use a new AT&T cell phone, you must activate it. Regardless of the cell phone model you may have, activating your phone is quite simple and straightforward.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • AT&T cell phone

Step 1

Direct your Internet browser to

Step 2

Select the option that best applies to you from the five listed radio buttons. If you are a new AT&T user, choose "A new wireless number."

Step 3

Enter your wireless number. AT&T provided you with this number at the time of your purchase.

Step 4

Choose your verification method. This step is simply necessary to verify your identity. Once you have chosen the method, enter your verification number to complete the activation.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have purchased an iPhone through the AT&T Online Store, you must connect your new phone to the computer in order to activate your cellular phone. You will receive these directions via email when you make your purchase.
  • You can also purchase and activate your AT&T phone at an AT&T store. In this scenario, you purchased an activated phone.