How to Activate a Verizon Phone Over the Phone

By Alexander Poirier

Whenever you get a new cell phone to use on a cell phone provider's wireless network, you must activate the phone with the provider in order to use their service. Verizon allows you to perform this task either online or over the phone. If you choose to perform the activation over the phone, you can do so in a few simple steps so long as you know the social security number connected with to the account.

Step 1

Dial *228 on the cell phone's keypad and press the "Send" button.

Step 2

Press the 1 key when prompted to begin the new cell phone activation process.

Step 3

Enter the cell phone number that you want to use with the new cell phone when prompted by the Verizon activation service.

Step 4

Enter the last four digits of the social security number connected with the account to confirm the activation. You will be notified by the recording that the activation is complete and you may hang up.