How to Activate Free GPRS

By Joanne Cichetti

GPRS, or General Packet Radio Service, is designed specifically for GSM phones. Most GSM network providers such as A&T and T-Mobile offer GPRS services for their customers. In fact, the service has now been upgraded to EDGE, a slightly faster version of GPRS. Before you can access the Internet on your phone, your carrier must activate the service. The activation is totally free, though you will be charged according to your data plan when you start using it on your phone browser.

Step 1

Call the customer service department of your cell phone service provider.

Step 2

Tell the representative you want to activate GPRS on your handset. Tell them your username or cell phone number and your phone model. The rep will then activate GPRS on your account and send you the GPRS settings for your phone via SMS (text message). Or you'll be guided in configuring the settings manually.

Step 3

Open the SMS you receive on your phone. The settings will then update. If you have been asked to input the settings manually, go to "Menu" > "Internet Settings" > "Internet Profiles" (or similar options on a different phone). Then, select "Data Account" and enter the carrier information provided by the representative.Once you enter these settings, GPRS will be activated for free.