How to Activate GPS on a Cell Phone

By Kenyonda Bradley

GPS, otherwise known as Global Positioning System, is used to track your whereabouts or the location of a specific place or address with the use of a GPS-capable device. GPS is a useful feature that accompanies most cell phones. Activating your GPS service will ensure that you have some form of directions in the event that you are lost or in need of finding a specific location within your area.

Things You'll Need

  • GPS-capable cell phone

Step 1

Confirm that your cell phone has a GPS application already installed by locating the "Navigation" or "GPS" application from the home screen on your phone. If you do not have a GPS application installed on your mobile phone, visit your wireless provider website and download the application onto your device.

Step 2

Turn on the Location option by selecting the "Options" tab followed by "Advanced Options" and then "GPS" or by selecting the "Settings" tab followed by "Location." Click the "Save" button to save your preference.

Step 3

Return to the home screen, and click the "GPS" icon. Wait for the application to locate your position. You may notice a satellite icon on the top of the screen, indicating that GPS is active.

Step 4

Enter the address or place that you are trying to locate in the "Navigate To" field, and press "Navigate" or "Route" to route your directions to that location.

Tips & Warnings

  • To conserve your battery, only make the "Location" of your phone active when you are using the GPS application. Turn it off, otherwise.
  • Depending upon the model of your phone, the instructions for activating the GPS application on your device may be a bit different. Please consult the manual that accompanied your device for specific information related to your cell phone.
  • Most cell phone GPS services require the use of a data plan. If you do not have a data plan on your account, you maybe charged to access this service.