How to Activate Netflix on a Sony Bravia

By Rebecca Gilbert

Once you activate your Sony BRAVIA Netflix App, you'll find family favorites to bring your family together for movie time. There's no need to leave the house to rent a movie when they stream directly to your Sony BRAVIA television through Netflix's streaming service. The set up time is minimal before you're ready to begin watching movies at home.

Step 1

Access Sony's "My Essentials" website ( from your computer and sign up for an account. From "Activate Enhanced Features" register your "Internet Video on Demand."

Step 2

Select "Video" from the on-screen menu and select "Netflix." Choose "Yes" for your device activation code if you current have a Netflix account. Choose "No" to subscribe to Netflix and to get an activation code.

Step 3

Open the Netflix "Activate" Web page on your computer ( to enter the code given from the Sony BRAVIA television. Once activated, add movies from the Netflix movie selection online or from your television. Your Netflix movies are then ready to watch.

Tips & Warnings

  • Parental control settings on Netflix can be changed to restrict videos by ratings and other factors.