How to Activate Verizon Samsung Cell Phones

By Phil Hoops

Verizon Wireless offers numerous Samsung cell phones, including the entry level Smooth handset and the high-end Omnia smartphone. Whether you just purchased a new cell phone or are replacing an older phone, you are required to activate your Samsung phone when using Verizon. Fortunately, cell phone activation with Verizon is a quick and easy process.

Things You'll Need

  • Samsung cell phone
  • Verizon wireless calling plan
  • Computer
  • Internet connection

Step 1

Back up all of your contact information from your previous phone (if you have one) using Verizon's Backup Assistant. There are various ways of obtaining this software depending on the model of your previous phone. Refer to the Verizon website and find the one that fits your personal needs.

Step 2

Remove your Samsung phone's battery cover and take out the battery. Locate your phone's ESN (11 characters) and MEID numbers (14 characters). These numbers are unique to your phone and allow Verizon to link your phone to your account. Write these numbers down on a piece of paper. Replace your phone's battery and re-attach the battery cover.

Step 3

Visit the Verizon Wireless website and navigate to the "My Verizon" section. Sign in using your Verizon Wireless username and password. Enter your Samsung phone's MEID and ESN numbers when prompted, along with your order number, billing zip code, cell phone number and last four digits of the account holder's Social Security Number.

Step 4

Dial *228 on your Samsung headset to complete the activation process. You are now free to use your Samsung phone on the Verizon Wireless network.