How to Add a Landscape to a Portrait Document in Word 2007

By Damarious Page

Microsoft Word 2007 supports both the landscape and portrait layout of a document. The difference in page orientation means that you can display more content either running left to right or top to bottom. When most users create a document, they choose one or the other orientation, basing their decision on what looks best and is reader-friendly. If you are at an impasse where you want to use both the landscape and portrait layouts in your document, Microsoft has included a function that will automate the orientation of the pages in Word 2007.

Step 1

Open the Word 2007 document that is currently using the Portrait layout.

Step 2

Drag the cursor across paragraphs or entire pages, highlighting the sections of the document that Word will convert to Landscape.

Step 3

Select the "Page Layout" tab.

Step 4

Click the "Margins" button. Select "Custom Margins" at the bottom of the drop-down menu, which opens the Page Setup dialog box.

Step 5

Select the "Margins" tab. Click the "Landscape" icon in the Orientation section.

Step 6

Open the drop-down menu at the bottom of the tab titled Apply To. Choose "Selected Sections" from the list. Click the "OK" button to add the Landscape layout to the selected text, while keeping the Portrait layout for the rest of the document.