How to Add a Line in a Word Document

By Diana Braun

Microsoft Word is the leading word processing and publishing software available on both Windows and MAC OS X platforms. Students and professionals use Word to create professional documents. Word comes equipped with many formatting options to make your documents easy to read. Adding horizontal and vertical lines to your document allows you to effectively divide your document into easy to read sections. There are a few different ways to add lines to a Word document. Here is just one way of doing it.

Step 1

Launch Word and open the desired document in which you want to add a line.

Step 2

Click on the "Drawing" tool on the toolbar. The location of this tool depends on the version of Word you are using. For example, in Word 2007, click "Insert" on the top menu. Next, click "Shapes" on the Illustrations tab and then click the "Lines" tool on the drop-down menu. The mouse pointer will change to a cross hair that looks like a plus sign.

Step 3

Click on the place in your document where you want the line to start. Continue to hold the mouse button down and drag the mouse to where you want the line to end. Release the mouse button and the line appears. You can create horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines in your Word documents in this manner using the Line tool.