How to Add a New Email Address to Hotmail

By Qyou Stoval

Hotmail, an e-mail service that is now linked to Microsoft's Windows Live, allows you to create new Hotmail accounts and also attach existing e-mail accounts for the convenience of sending e-mails from one centralized location. If you already have an existing e-mail address (it does not have to be a Hotmail e-mail), you can add that e-mail address in minutes.

Step 1

Log into your Hotmail account by going to

Step 2

Click on "Add an e-mail account" located on the left side of the screen under "manage folders."

Step 3

Type in the new e-mail address you want to add as well as the password for that account.

Step 4

Compose an e-mail once your new e-mail address is attached to your Hotmail in-box to ensure everything is functional.