How to Add a Page Border in Word 2007

By JoElla Craight

Jazz up the appearance of a document by adding a fun or professional border to the page. Drab plain text may disinterest the viewer, whereas a border may draw his attention. It takes only a few quick steps using Microsoft Word 2007 to add a border.

Adding a page border

Step 1

Start Microsoft Word and open a blank or existing document. Look for the "Page Background" group on the "Page Layout" tab and click "Page Borders."

Step 2

In the dialog box labeled "Borders and Shading," click the "Page Border" tab.

Step 3

Choose a border type under the heading labeled "Setting."

Step 4

You can customize the style, color and width of the border in the center section or add a design by clicking "Art."

Step 5

Click "OK" to apply the border to the entire document.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you want a border to surround only part of a document, you may customize the "Apply to" settings on the "Border" tab of the "Borders and Shading" dialog box.