How to Add a PDF to PowerPoint

By Kevin Lee

Dazzle your audiences with graphics and wow them with content by showing them a well-crafted, professional PowerPoint slide show. Microsoft's PowerPoint software enables even novice users to quickly drag and drop text, images and even videos onto slides. One way to add content to a presentation is by copying text from other sources such as Web pages, Word documents and other text files. You cannot convert PDF documents into PowerPoint objects, but you can still add PDF content to your PowerPoint presentations using PowerPoint or third-party software.

Use PowerPoint

Step 1

Skip to the next section if your PDF contains more than one page. The steps in this section describe how to use PowerPoint to insert a PDF object. PowerPoint will only add the first page of a PDF to a presentation.Third-party software will add the entire PDF file and create one PowerPoint slide per PDF page.

Step 2

Open PowerPoint. Click "New Slide" to add a new slide.

Step 3

Press "Windows+E" to open Windows Explorer. The "Windows" key is next to the "CTRL" key on the keyboard.

Step 4

Navigate to a PDF file and double-click it to open it. Adobe Reader will open the file positioned on the first page.

Step 5

Hold down your left mouse button and drag the mouse to select the text on the page.

Step 6

Right-click the slide in PowerPoint and select "Paste." PowerPoint will paste the PDF content into a text box on the slide. Handles will appear on the corners of the text box. Drag the handles using your mouse to resize the text box if you need to adjust its dimensions.

Step 7

Click "New Slide" to add a second slide.

Step 8

Return to the PDF document and scroll to another page. Use the mouse to select and copy its content as you did on the previous page. Paste the selected content into the second PowerPoint slide.

Step 9

Repeat this process until you copy all the PDF content that you need into PowerPoint slides.

Use Third-Party Software

Step 1

Visit the AnyBizSoft website and download its "PDF to PowerPoint Converter" software. Install it, select one or more PDF files from your hard drive and click "Convert." The program will convert them into PowerPoint presentations.

Step 2

Navigate to Inc., download its VeryPDF converter and install it. Open the program and click "Add PDF File(s)." Select the PDFs you want to convert and click "Convert." VeryPDF will convert the file to PowerPoint.

Step 3

Visit Investintech and download its free trial of Able2Extract. Install the program and open it. Press "CTRL+O" and select a PDF to convert. The program will display the PDF document. Press "CTRL+A" to select all of the document's content and then press "CTRL+P." The program will open a "Save As" window. Enter a name for the PowerPoint file and click "Save" to convert the PDF to a PowerPoint presentation.

Tips & Warnings

  • After pasting text from a PDF into PowerPoint, you can edit the text using any of PowerPoint's text formatting features.
  • If you download trial conversion software, it may limit the number of pages that you can convert.