How to Add a Section Break in Microsoft Word 2007

By Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Using Microsoft Word 2007's section break feature is useful for many applications. If you're writing a book or a short story and want to change the point-of-view, a section break is recommended. Section breaks are also helpful when you want to apply specific formatting or page layout features to a portion of your document. By adding a section break, you can customize the new section without affecting your entire document.

Step 1

Move your cursor and click on the line where you want to add a section break.

Step 2

Click on the menu tab labeled "Page Layout," then click the arrow next to "Breaks."

Step 3

Select your section break from the list. You can choose "Next Page," "Continuous," "Even Page" or "Odd Page." Click on your choice to insert the section break.

Tips & Warnings

  • "Next Page" starts the new section on a new page (useful for chapters of a document).
  • "Continuous" starts the new section on the same page, directly beneath the previous paragraph.
  • "Even Page" or "Odd Page" inserts the section break on the next suitable page (whether even or odd).
  • To delete a section break, click the "View" tab, then click "Draft." Scroll your mouse over the section break (do not click) then press "Delete" on your keyboard.