How to Add a Song to an IPod Nano

By Kate Evelyn

The iPod Nano is so compact it can be difficult to figure out how to charge it or how to hook it up to the computer to download music. Luckily, despite appearances, it is fairly easy to add a song. All you need is the USB cable that came with the Nano and any computer that has a port. The entire process should only take about one minute and you can download an entire playlist in less than 10 minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • IPod Nano
  • Computer with iTunes software
  • USB cable

Step 1

Open up iTunes on your computer by double clicking on the icon on your desktop or going to the start menu, choosing "all programs" and selecting it from the pop-up menu.

Step 2

Connect your USB cable to one of the ports on your computer and plug the other end into the bottom of your iPod Nano.

Step 3

Look at your iTunes window. A setup wizard will come up asking you to name your Nano. Pick anything you want as this is just so you can recognize it. Then tell the program how you would like it to synch to your library. The choices are auto-sync, which lets iTunes automatically download songs when you plug in your Nano, or manual, where you choose what to upload by dragging and dropping songs from your library to your Nano. Select manual.

Step 4

Go to the file menu in iTunes and select "add file to library" to upload your song file from a CD or your hard drive. Make sure it is in the format .mp3. It will then show up in your iTunes library on the right side of the screen. Right click on it and drag it to the left side, which is the iPod section.

Step 5

Click on "sync" to start the upload. iTunes will tell you when it's finished. If it takes more than a minute or two, there may be a problem with your file. Repeat step four and try again.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don't have iTunes on your machine download it from Apple's website.If you have more than one iPod, save yourself some time by creating a separate playlist just for your Nano.If you lose the cable that came with your Nano, you can buy a replacement cable at the Apple store. It's the same cable that's used for the traditional iPod.
  • Wait until iTunes is done synching before you disconnect the cable. Otherwise your file could get cut off.

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