How to Add About Me on Tumblr

By Lyan Uaha

Tumblr is micro-blogging website that allows you to post and share texts, photos, audios, videos and links on the web. When signing up for a Tumblr account, you have to create a URL that you can share with other people to enable them to access your Tumblr page. You can customize a number of aspects of your Tumblr account, including changing the theme and colors used on your Tumblr page, adding a profile photo and adding a self description (About Me).

Step 1

Log in to your Tumblr account and then click "Customize" on the left side of the Tumblr webpage.

Step 2

Click "Info" at top of the customize webpage that opens.

Step 3

Type the "About Me" content that you want to add in the "Description" box.

Step 4

Click "Save + Close" at top-right side of the customize webpage.