How to Add Contacts at Badoo

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Badoo is a great online community that lets you promote yourself to others in your local area and across the world. As a member of Badoo you may be wondering how to add contacts to your profile. Fortunately, Badoo makes the process very easy.

Step 1

Sign in. Once you log into your account click "Browse." This allows you to search other member's pages. A blue box on the right side of the "Browse" page allows you to narrow your search. When you find someone that you want to contact, all you have to do is click their username to access their profile.

Step 2

Go to your contact page. Whenever you send or receive a message from a Badoo member, that person is automatically added to your "Recent Contacts" folder. The only thing this requires is that you make contact with someone or someone makes contact with you.

Step 3

Send and receive messages through Badoo's messaging system. Access this is thorough a members profile or your "Recent Contacts" folder. A green box links you to the messaging system in each member's profile. Click the "Chat with Messenger" link and leave a message. If someone leaves you a message, you can find a link in your "Recent Contacts" folder under each contact.

Step 4

Move recent contacts into a folder. Badoo will delete any contacts in your "Recent Contacts" folder after thirty days. If you want to save a contact, then you have to move them into another folder. You can use various folders on Badoo.

Step 5

Add contact to "Friends" folder. When you visit someone's profile and you want to add them as a friend there is a link on their profile page. Click the "Add to Friends" link. Fill in the box that pops up and the contact moves into your "Friends" folder.