How to Add Emoticons to a SMS on a Droid

By Michael Butler

With the Motorola Droid, you can send SMS text messages to any other mobile phone. Just like some instant messaging services, you can insert emoticons, also known as "smileys," into your SMS messages. Depending upon the recipient's phone, the emoticons you send might display as images or in their text form. For example, some people will see ":-)" when you send them the "Smiling" emoticon.

Step 1

Tap "Messaging."

Step 2

Type a recipient for your message.

Step 3

Type your message. When you get to a point in the message where you want to insert an emoticon, press the phone's "Menu" button.

Step 4

Tap "Insert Smiley."

Step 5

Tap on an emoticon in the list to insert it in your SMS message.

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