How to Add Folders to an Outlook Inbox

By Techwalla Contributor

If you have a lot of email in your Outlook inbox, important messages can get lost easily. You probably only look at the newer messages each time you log in and forget about the rest. Instead of letting your inbox get full and unorganized, create folders to move important messages that you want to keep but don't need to look at now.

Step 1

Open your Outlook program.

Step 2

Select your inbox.

Step 3

Click on "Folder" on the top menu bar. Select "New Folder."

Step 4

Name the folder.

Step 5

Click "OK." The folder now shows up on the left under the inbox.

Step 6

Move the emails you want filed away into that folder.

Tips & Warnings

  • Always Make BACKUPS
  • Left clicking that new folder will show you the emails you have saved there.
  • Name your folders something you will know/remember why they are there