How to Add Fonts to Microsoft Word 2007

By Alex Ramirez

Microsoft comes with dozens of installed fonts that can be used in all of their applications, including Microsoft Word. Sometimes though, it's nice to find, or create, a font that no one has used before to showcase the individuality of your document. Adding a font is easy and simple, and you'll even be able to use your new custom font in other Microsoft Office software on your computer where you can change the font.

Things You'll Need

  • Downloaded Font

Step 1

Download a custom font you would like to add to Microsoft Word. There are numerous sites on the internet that offer both paid and free fonts.

Step 2

Unzip your downloaded fonts if they are in a zip file. Most third-party sites have their files in .zip files to reduce the size of the file.

Step 3

Open the "Control Panel" through the "Start" menu. Click on "Fonts" or search for it in the search bar at the top-right.

Step 4

Click "Install New Font" from "File" on the menu bar. If you don't see the menu bar, press "Alt."

Step 5

Find the font you want to install and select it. You can select multiple fonts by holding shift and left-clicking.

Step 6

Press "Install" and it will install the custom font.