How to Add Images to PowerPoint Presentations

By Techwalla Contributor

How to Add Images to PowerPoint Presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint offers a number of ways to insert images into PowerPoint presentations. You can insert a link to the picture which keeps the size of the PowerPoint presentation smaller. However, if you copy that presentation to media or another computer you have to remember to copy the images also or they will not be available. It is very embarrassing to begin your presentation and find all the images missing. The easiest way is to insert the image directly into the presentation. This increases the size of the file but assures that the images are part of the presentation. Follow these simple steps to add some photo pizazz to your presentations,

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 or later
  • Copies of images for experimentation

Step 1

Open your PowerPoint Presentation. Decide where you want to place the image in your presentation. Do not insert the image into a text box or graphic box. After positioning your image and editing the image you can add additional text boxes if you need additional text on the slide.

Step 2

From the INSERT menu, select PICTURE and then FROM FILE to open a browser window for image selection. You can select multiple images to insert more than one at a time. After you have selected your image click INSERT.

Step 3

Once your image is placed on the page it will be automatically selected and the Picture Toolbar will be visible. The toolbar allows you to edit the image. You can lighten it, darken it, adjust contrast and resize the photo. Use the image handles to resize and relocate the image on the presentation page. You can also use the toolbar to crop the picture, rotate the image and add a border to the composition.

Step 4

You can format the picture by selecting FORMAT and PICTURE from the drop-down format menu. Here you can resize the image to an exact size and preserve the aspect ratio or distort the aspect ratio of the original image. The format menu contains some of the same features as the toolbar and you can also access the format menu from the picture toolbar.

Step 5

Finally, add additional text or additional images to the same presentation page. Keep in mind that images should be used to enhance your presentation. PowerPoint also has the ability to create slideshows, but there are other ways to create slideshows that are easier than using PowerPoint for this application.

Tips & Warnings

  • PowerPoint also comes with complete clip art collections that can be used to accent presentations; just be aware that everybody else has these images as well.
  • Visit the Microsoft website to download hundreds of presentation templates for creating presentations with images.
  • Don't overload your presentation with images. Only use images that are relative to the content or that provide presentation impact.
  • Always use copies of pictures to preserve your image archive.

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