How to Add Memory to an iPod Nano

By Samantha Carver

Memory can be added to an iPod Nano with a few steps. This process can save the owner from having to purchase a new iPod each time the memory is filled or a newer version becomes available. However, iPod Nano owners should be aware that by disassembling their Nano, the one-year or extended warranty on the equipment is voided. If this is not a concern for the owner, then these steps can save him money in upgrading the Nano rather than purchasing it new.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat-head tool
  • Hard drive for additional memory

Step 1

Since the iPod must be taken apart to add memory, turn off the iPod by holding down the Play button at the bottom of the clickwheel. When the power has gone off, the screen will be completely blank. Make sure there is no power going to the iPod before beginning to take it apart.

Step 2

Slide the Hold button at the top of the Nano to the right to ensure that power cannot accidentally be turned on to the unit.

Step 3

Gently take the small flat-head tool and place it between the front and back covers of the Nano. It will fit tightly, so do not force it, but twist slightly and the covers will be released.

Step 4

Pull the covers apart easily because there are wires attached on the inside. Lay the covers down side by side like an open folder. Locate the silver hard drive, which will be wrapped in rubber, and flip it over to the other side of the case. This will expose the connection cable so it can be disconnected from the hard drive. The drive can then be removed from the Nano.

Step 5

Remove the rubber casing from the hard drive and place it around the new hard drive. If the new drive already has a rubber casing, then this step can be skipped. Connect the cable to the new hard drive and place it all back into the Nano casing before snapping the front and back cases together again.

Step 6

Unlock the Hold button on the top of the Nano and restore power to the Nano. Then, hook the unit to iTunes to restore the previous memory to the new memory card.