How to Add Minutes to a Go Phone

By Chad Buleen

A Go Phone is a cell phone offered by AT&T that allows customers to pay for their cell phone service as they use it. This differs from most cell phone plans that require the cell phone user to pay a monthly flat fee. One of the reasons why some people prefer to use the Go Phone is because they do not need to have a certain credit score. Many cell phone companies require that those who sign a contract have a score of at least 600.

Things You'll Need

  • Go PhoneCredit or debit card

Talking About Minutes

Step 1

Go online and visit the Go Phone website (see resources). Find the link on the page that says "Refill Your Minutes With a Credit or Debit Card." Click on this link.

Step 2

Choose an option on the next page that opens. This page will have three options on it. The first option is "Refill Minutes Now." The second option is "Give a Gift." The third option is "Manage My Account." Choose the first option --- "Refill Minutes Now."

Step 3

Enter the phone number for the Go Phone account into the field on the next screen. Be sure to include the area code in addition to the last seven numbers.

Step 4

Choose the number of minutes to add to the cell phone. If an online account has already been established, simply click "Enter" and the charge will be made to the credit or debit card on record. If an account has not yet been established, the system will require credit or debit card information before the minutes can be purchased.

Step 5

Call 611 from the Go Phone to add more minutes if Internet access is not available. If minutes from the cell phone have been completely depleted, call (800) 901-9878 from another phone to speak with a customer service representative and add minutes to the Go Phone.

Tips & Warnings

  • Minutes also can be purchased directly from an AT&T store by visiting the store and paying there.
  • When buying minutes for the Go Phone, remember that the minutes must be used within a certain period. If they're not, the minutes will be lost and money will not be refunded.

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