How to Add Norton to My Firefox Toolbar

By Diana Braun

Norton provides security and protection from viruses, phishing and malicious attacks. The Norton toolbar is installed by default for users with a Norton Security subscription. The toolbar can then be enabled from any Web browser including Mozilla Firefox. Norton allows users to perform safe Internet searches through the toolbar ensuring a safe Web experience and automatically prompts users of potentially harmful sites.

Step 1

Launch Mozilla Firefox. Click "Start" from the bottom-left of the desktop. Click "All Programs" and then click "Mozilla Firefox."

Step 2

Click "View" from the top menu and then click "Toolbars." A list of available toolbars is listed. The toolbars with a checkmark next to them are currently visible in Firefox.

Step 3

Click "Norton" from the list of available toolbars. The Norton toolbar becomes visible in Firefox. Click the "Norton" toolbar a second time and the toolbar disappears from the Firefox browser.