How to Add on Speakers for an LCD TV

By Nichole Liandi

While almost all televisions are supplied with built-in speakers, the quality of the speakers and audio amplifiers is not always the best. One way to upgrade the performance of your television is to add on a set of powered speakers. These speaker sets have their own built-in amplifiers, and can be connected to the audio output jacks built into virtually all LCD televisions. In most cases these powered speakers are built for use with computers, so you'll need an adapter cable to accommodate the different types of output jacks used in TVs, versus PCs.

Things You'll Need

  • Dual male RCA to single female stereo mini-jack adapter cable

Step 1

Plug the dual male RCA plugs of your adapter cable into the Audio Out jacks on the back of your television. Match the colors of the plugs with the colors of the jacks, i.e., red to red and white to white.

Step 2

Plug the audio input cable of your powered speakers into the other end of the adapter cable.

Step 3

Place one speaker on either side of your television.

Step 4

Plug the power cord of the audio speakers into a power strip or wall electrical outlet.

Step 5

Turn the powered speakers on, and set the volume to your liking with the volume control of the powered speakers.