How to Add PDF Files to Web Pages

By Ann Johnson

A portable document format (PDF) is a file format designed for document exchange. A PDF can be efficiently emailed. When inserted on a website, the PDF can be opened, read and printed. A portable document format can be used to add documents or printable fliers to websites. After creating the PDF, it can be added to a website's folder and uploaded to the website's hosting account.

Step 1

Import the PDF to the website's folder. If you are using web editing software, like Microsoft Expression Web, you can add a file to the website folder by clicking on "File," "Import" and "File."

Step 2

Click "Add File" on the menu that opens, if you are using Microsoft Expression Web. Other editing software may have a similar window menu.

Step 3

Locate and click on the PDF file on your computer in the window that opens.

Step 4

Click "OK" if using Microsoft Expression Web, and the PDF file appears in the Import Window. Instead of following the previous steps, you can copy the PDF file to your website's folder by right clicking on the PDF file, choosing the "Copy" command and then pasting the file directly into the website's folder.

Step 5

Look at the files to verify the PDF file has been added to your website's folder.

Step 6

Create a link on a web page. Unless a visitor to your website knows the exact web address for the PDF file, they will not be able to open the PDF without a link from your website. Begin by typing a name for your link on a web page. It might be something as simple as "Click Here." Highlight the word you type, and use the command to insert a hyperlink.

Step 7

Create a link by HTML code, instead of using the web creation software's tools. To write a link type: Link Text . File name would be the actual name of the PDF file. Refer to the photograph with this step.

Step 8

Upload the current changes of your website. After the website loads, you would be able to go to the web page where you inserted the link, click on the link, and the PDF file will open.