How to Add SIM Cards to a Wi-Fi iPad

By Steve Gregory

Adding a micro-SIM card to a 3 G-enabled iPad allows you to access the Internet over the SIM card provider's wireless cellular network. An iPad that can accommodate a micro-SIM card has a built-in SIM tray that allows you to insert the SIM card into the device safely. A micro-SIM card is a small version of a regular SIM card. Although it is smaller, it can still access a cellular network to transmit and receive data just like a regular card.

Step 1

Locate the micro-SIM tray on the upper left-side of the iPad.

Step 2

Insert the tip of the iPad's included SIM eject tool or the end of a straightened paper clip into the SIM tray's hole.

Step 3

Push the tool firmly into the hole until the SIM tray automatically ejects.

Step 4

Pull the SIM tray out. If applicable, gently remove the old micro-SIM card from the tray.

Step 5

Place the new micro-SIM card into the tray. The micro-SIM card has the same shape as the inside of the tray. Orient the new micro-SIM card so that it fits in the tray.

Step 6

Push the SIM tray back into the iPad.