How to Add Smiley Icons to Microsoft Office Communicator

By Rita Wood

Microsoft Office Communicator is an instant-messaging program used primarily in business environments. The Office Communicator works with the other Microsoft Office products. It is similar to Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. It replaced Windows Messenger and has more features. These features include adding emoticon icons to messages. First, you have to enable the feature then insert the emoticon in the message.

Step 1

Click "Tools" and "Options." Click the "Instant Message" tab and check "show emoticons in..." to enable the feature.

Step 2

Click the "Instant Message Settings" button located in the upper-left corner. Check the box beside "Show emoticons in instant messages" and click "Apply.

Step 3

Open a Microsoft Office instant message conversation. Click on the place you want to insert an emoticon. Click the yellow smiley button and choose the emoticon from the drop-down list by clicking on it one time. Click the message where you want to insert it and the drop-down list closes. When you click "Send," the emoticon image will be included in your message.