How to Add Storage to a Kindle

By Diana Braun

The first generation Kindle is the only model of the Kindle that features an SD memory card slot for additional memory. The expandable slot allows users to add up to 4 GB of additional memory in the form of an SD card. The memory card can also be used to download and add additional books to the Kindle without having to attach the device to a user's computer with a USB cable. Users simply insert the SD card into the memory card slot of their computer, download the files, remove the SD card and insert it into the Kindle.

Step 1

Turn the Kindle over so the back is facing you.

Step 2

Press the "Power" button located in the upper-left corner to turn the device off.

Step 3

Remove the back cover. Press the cover using your thumbs and push away from the device to slide the back cover off.

Step 4

Locate the SD memory card slot in the upper-right corner of the device.

Step 5

Insert the SD card into the card slot with the label facing up. Push the card in until you feel the card click into place. This indicates the card is locked into place.

Step 6

Slide the back cover on and power on your Kindle.