How to Add Subtotals in Excel

By Lara Webster

Microsoft Excel is a popular program that can be used to organize data in a number of different ways. You can use Excel to create spreadsheets, charts and graphs, and you can perform math calculations with it. In addition to being able to calculate grand totals, the program can also add subtotals within graphs. You can learn to add subtotals in Excel fairly easily.

Step 1

Create the list of numbers to be added. Make sure to label the top of each column with a heading.

Step 2

Highlight the column of numbers to be added by clicking on the number at the top of the column. Once all of the data is outlined and highlighted in blue, the numbers are ready to be added.

Step 3

Go to the "Data" tab at the top of the Excel toolbar.

Step 4

Select "Subtotal" from the "Outline" section, which is on the far right side of the toolbar.

Step 5

Confirm the column being added. Make sure that the function is set to "Sum." If it isn't, select "Sum" from the "Use Function" drop-down menu. Click "OK" at the bottom off the confirmation screen to add the subtotals.

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