How to Add XP Computer to Windows 7 Homegroup

By Steven Hill

You may own several computers, all running different versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Because of program differences, you may have difficulty with networking these machines together. As of April 2011, Windows XP and Windows Vista computers cannot join the Homegroups created with Windows 7 networking. However, despite this difficulty, it is still possible to network your XP computer with your Windows 7 computer with file sharing.

Step 1

Click "Start," "Control Panel," "User Accounts and Family Safety," "User Accounts" and "Manage Another Account" on your Windows 7 computer.

Step 2

Click "Create a New Account." Type a name into the box. Select "Administrator" under the "Account Type" heading.

Step 3

Click "Create Account."

Step 4

Click the account you just created. Click "Create a Password." Type the new password into the box, and type a password hint into the hint box. Click "Create Password."

Step 5

Click "Start." Type "workgroup" into the search function. Click "Show which workgroup this computer is on." Write down the name listed beside "Workgroup."

Step 6

Click "Start," "Control Panel" and "Network Connections" on your Windows XP machine.

Step 7

Click "Create a New Connection." This will open the Network Setup Wizard.

Step 8

Click through the wizard. Select whether you are running a home or an office network. Enter your connection type, such as "This computer connects to the Internet through another computer." Enter a network name for your computer. Enter the name of the workgroup you wrote down from your Windows 7 machine. Complete the wizard.

Step 9

Restart your computers if prompted to do so.

Step 10

Click "Start" and "My Network Places" on the Windows XP computer. Double-click the Windows 7 computer with which you wish to share files and networking. Enter the user name and password you created on the Windows 7 machine to gain network access to it.