How to Adjust a Bluetooth for Better Reception

By Aram Khayatpour

Bluetooth is a technology that allows electronics to connect to each other without the use of wires. This technology is very useful for those who do not want to be tangled up in wires when they are using their cell phones, keyboards, external hard drive, etc. However, one of the problems with Bluetooth is that it needs to transmit a large amount of information, and that information could be easily disrupted by some sort of outside interference. If you have encountered this problem, there are many ways to adjust your Bluetooth use to get better reception.

Step 1

Locate the Bluetooth antenna on your phone or other electronic device. It will be a small chip usually on the back of the product. If it is not visible, consult your manufacturer's manual for the exact location.

Step 2

Remove any metal from around the Bluetooth antenna. Make sure that there is no metal near it or it will cause interference to your reception. If you have a Bluetooth phone, purchase a case or clip for it that does not have any metal on it.

Step 3

Clear the area in between the Bluetooth device and the electronic device it is connecting to. Large items between the Bluetooth device and the device will be detrimental to the reception of your Bluetooth. If you are using a Bluetooth phone, keep it on the same side as your headset, as your body will disrupt the reception.

Step 4

Turn off any other signal-transmitting devices while using the Bluetooth device. Other signals, especially FM signals, will interfere with the Bluetooth device and reduce reception.