How to Adjust a Synaptic Touchpad

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Synaptic TouchPads are normally found on a laptop and take the place of an external mouse. By moving the finger around on the pad, and using the buttons, you can move the cursor and activate programs just as with an external mouse. You can make adjustments to various settings such as sensitivity, tapping, double-tapping and virtual scrolling among others.

Step 1

Click on Start in the lower left-hand corner of your desktop screen. Select the Control Panel, then the Printers and Other Hardware icon and, finally, the Mouse icon.

Step 2

Ensure that the radio buttons to enable both the TouchPad and the TouchPad buttons are selected.

Step 3

Make a selection from one of the tabs at the top of the form. Most options will include Buttons, EdgeMotion, Gestures, Other, TouchPad and Devices that are specific to the Synaptic device. The other tabs are what the Windows Operating System includes for pointing devices.

Step 4

Modify the settings. You can make the Left Button the primary button or switch it and make the Right Button the primary. Another adjustment you can make is how the EdgeMotion is used, such as only when dragging. You can also adjust the EdgeMotion Speed here.

Step 5

Select the OK button at the bottom of the Mouse Properties form to close the form and return to Control Panel. Close Control Panel and return to the desktop.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you make a mistake and disable the TouchPad, the situation can be rectified easily. Simply connect a mouse to a USB port and, after Windows has found the external mouse, you can use that mouse to reset to the defaults and then make changes as needed, but with more caution.
  • The various tabs allow you to make many adjustments to the operation of the Synaptic Touchpad will operate. You should move through the tabs one at a time, setting all of the options as desired before closing out the Mouse Properties form.