How to Adjust Audio Levels in iMovie

By Etch Tabor

Professional quality films rarely maintain static audio levels. Think about a key moment from your favorite film. Chances are, at every pivotal moment, a swell of music overtook the audio track. Or, at the very least, the beginning and ending of every pivotal scene, the music seemed to fade in and out. Well, thanks to iMovie, a video-editing software manufactured by Apple, users can create the same effects. Learn how to adjust audio levels in iMovie to give your video a professional sound.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • iMovie
  • Video
  • Multiple Audio Tracks

Step 1

Open iMovie.

Step 2

Open the file that you wish to adjust the audio levels.

Step 3

Select the clip you wish to adjust and drag it to the clip viewer.

Step 4

Click on the "audio" tab to select an audio track from your iTunes list.

Step 5

Switch from "clip viewer" to "timeline viewer".

Step 6

Drag the audio clip into the an empty track on the timeline viewer.

Step 7

Click "view", located on the main taskbar. Select "show clip volume levels".

Step 8

Use your mouse to bend the audio level line, using either the video or audio track. The higher you bend the line, the louder that segment will be. The lower you bend the line, the quieter. Bend the audio and video lines independently to better customize audio levels.

Step 9

Click "file" and then "save" to save your changes.

Tips & Warnings

  • To create a musical fade in, create a steady, uphill slope on your audio track using your mouse. To create a fade out, create a downhill slope.