How to Adjust Pop-Up Blocker Settings

By Techwalla Internet Editor

The Internet Explorer browser comes with a built-in pop-up blocker. This stops most of those annoying windows that pop up when you enter a website. Some third-party products can also perform this task, but the steps below show you how to adjust pop-up blocker settings in Internet Explorer.

Step 1

Click on the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop or taskbar.

Step 2

Select "Tools" from the menu across the top of the browser window.

Step 3

Choose "Pop-Up Blocker" from the drop-down menu. Pick "Pop-Up Blocker Settings" from the submenu.

Step 4

Navigate to bottom of the form to the combo box called "Filter Level."

Step 5

Click the arrow on the right side of the combo box and select the desired level of pop-up blocking. Click the "Close" button.

Tips & Warnings

  • There is a space on the "Pop-Up Blocker Settings" form to allow certain sites permission to show pop-ups at any time, as well as other options for notification about what to do when a pop-up is encountered. At the bottom of the form is a link to a Pop-Up Blocker FAQ, which gives more information about dealing with pop-ups.
  • Not all pop-ups can be blocked, since many website operators are writing scripts that can maneuver around settings in the browser to allow some pop-ups to get through. Thus you can try to block most of these unwelcome windows and deal with the rest on a site-by-site basis, avoiding sites that are very annoying, if necessary.