How to Adjust the Brightness on a Toshiba Laptop

By Greyson Ferguson

When you travel with your Toshiba laptop computer, you are exposed to a variety of different kinds of light. Depending on the lighting situation, you may want to adjust the brightness on the Toshiba's monitor to help you see the information on the screen more clearly. Toshiba has programmed a few shortcut buttons that help you adjust the brightness of the monitor in just a few moments.

Step 1

Power on the Toshiba laptop. It does not matter if other programs are running in the background. You can adjust the brightness without closing any of the other software.

Step 2

Hold down the "FN" button on the Toshiba computer's keyboard. This button is typically located in the upper left corner of the keypad.

Step 3

Push down the "F1" button to decrease the brightness of the Toshiba laptop monitor or the "F2" button to increase the brightness of the laptop screen. A display on the screen will show the computer's brightness level.