How to Arrange Alphabetically in Word

By Ryan Menezes

Though Microsoft Word doesn't support the complex data management that spreadsheets or databases offer, it does manage to sort direct lists. It can order lists of dates in chronological order, lists of figures in numerical order and lists of text in alphabetical order. This allows you, for instance, to organize a list of names or a catalog of book titles. Word can also sort these items in either ascending or descending order.

Step 1

Click and drag your cursor over the items to select them.

Step 2

Click "Home" from the menu bar.

Step 3

Click the "Bullets" icon from the home ribbon's "Paragraph" tab. The items will form a bulleted list.

Step 4

Click the "Sort" icon from the "Paragraph" tab. This icon contains a blue letter "A" and a red letter "Z." This opens the "Sort text" dialog box. It will, by default, identify the highlighted items as text and offer to sort then alphabetically.

Step 5

Click "OK." The items will change order and form an alphabetical list.