How to Ask a Question on Yahoo

By Andrew Tennyson

You can find an answer to pretty much any nagging question online. But that doesn't mean all question and answer websites are created equal. The Yahoo Answers website is among the most-used question and answer websites, with hundreds of thousands of queries responded to by experts and amateurs from around the world.

Step 1

Navigate to the Yahoo website (link in Resources) and click the "Answers" link along the horizontal menu at the top of the page.

Step 2

Click your cursor in the "What would you like to ask?" text box, enter your question, and then click the "Continue" button. If you are not signed in to your Yahoo account, you will be prompted to do so. If you don't have an account, follow the prompts to create one.

Step 3

Select from the right side of the page an answer that Yahoo feels relates to your question. Or, if no suitable answer is presented, add details to your question and click "Continue."

Step 4

Select an optional category for your question.

Step 5

Set your notification settings. If you do not want to receive email notifications when answers to your question are posted, uncheck the "Yes, email me answers as they are posted" checkbox.

Step 6

Click "Preview" and check to see if the question is to your liking.

Step 7

Click "Submit" to submit your question.