How to Ask for Donations Online

By Kelsey Childress

Asking for donations can be a tricky process. A nonprofit organization depends on donations to keep its business running; however, it can be difficult to not come across as pushy and irritating. It can take a lot of time and effort to coordinate a successful nonprofit business plan that incorporates the donation process online. Giving potential donors several options that help them decide how they want to donate is the best possible way to ensure steady online donations.

Things You'll Need

  • WebsiteSocial media profilesOnline transaction capabilities

Step 1

Create a website and social media marketing campaign. Instead of going "door to door" asking for donations, many nonprofit organizations are now going online. Having a strong online presence by creating a well-designed website, along with a blog and other social media profiles, is the easiest way to increase online marketing efforts and donations. Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress and MySpace are just some of the websites that are popular for free social marketing.

Step 2

Create an email campaign. E-mails are the new "cold calls." This is a tricky process, as potential donors don't want to be inundated with emails, but an appealing and occasional email may keep your donors interested and reminded to donate online. Offer donors the option on your website to sign up to receive email campaigns online.

Step 3

Allow online payments. Having a secure organization website that allows donors to use their credit cards is the fastest and most secure way to process online donations. Simply giving donors the option to donate on the organization website is sometimes all they need to be persuaded to give.

Step 4

Offer planned giving. There are several websites that offer planned giving for major donors. Planning giving is a process that allows donors to include an organization in their wills and testaments. Donors can give land, property, monetary funds or other items in their wills. To make sure it is legal, many websites, such as Asset Stream and Gift Legacy, help organizations and their donors create a planned giving outline (see Resources section).

Step 5

Offer a recurring gift option. Some donors may want to contribute a certain amount every month. PayPal offers a "subscription" plan, where donors can subscribe to a site and they are billed a certain amount every month, year or week that is set by the organization (see Resources section). Other online transaction plans may allow a donor to set her own monthly amount that is automatically charged on a certain day each month.