How to Attach a PDF Document to a Word Document

By Quinten Plummer

Microsoft's Word document format and Adobe's PDF (Portable Document Format) are two of the most widely used desktop publishing formats. Word works well with word processing and editing while PDF files are great for archiving documents. By attaching a PDF document to a Word document, you can get the maximum out of both programs.

Step 1

Create and name a new folder on your computer. Copy the Word document and PDF document you'll be working with into the newly created folder.

Step 2

Open the Word document. Highlight the text in the document that is related to the PDF. For example if your Word document is about guitars and your PDF document relates to a specific topic in guitars like tuner heads, you would highlight a section or phrase of the Word document relating to tuner heads.

Step 3

Right-click on the highlighted text, then select "Hyperlink" from the drop-down menu that appears. Use the file explorer window to locate the PDF document you will be attaching.

Step 4

Use Adobe Reader's "Snapshot" tool to copy a single page from a PDF file into your Word document. Open the PDF file and click on the "Snapshot" icon at the top of Adobe Reader. Then drag your mouse across the desired portion of the PDF file to select it. When you release the mouse button, your selection will be automatically copied.

Step 5

Open your Word document and then click into the portion of the document where you want the PDF "snapshot" to go. Click "Crtl" + "V" on your keyboard to paste the snapshot into your Word document.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep the Word and PDF documents in the same folder to keep the documents attached to one another.