How to Attach a Photo in a Comment on Facebook

By Morgan O'Connor

One of the ways Facebook lets you communicate with a friend is by posting a comment on his personal Facebook wall. This comment does not need to include only text. Instead, you can can include a link, a video or a photo if you so desire. You have two choices when it comes to including a photo: you can use one that you already have on your computer, or you can take a new one with your webcam.

Step 1

Sign into Facebook. Navigate to the wall on which you wish to post a photo with your comment.

Step 2

Click the Photo option in the "Share" section, just above where you would type a text comment.

Step 3

Click either "Upload a Photo" or "Take a Photo," depending on your preferences. Either take a picture with your webcam or navigate to the picture on your computer that you want to post.

Step 4

Type your comment into the field below the wall, and then click the blue "Share" button to post the photo and comment on your friend's wall.

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