How to Attach a TV to the Back of a Stand

By Brian Bores

Attaching your TV to the back of a stand not only prevents your TV from falling, it makes the area around your TV safer. Special straps and fasteners can be bought to anchor TVs to stands. If you have young children, it is important to prevent your TV from tipping over.

Things You'll Need

  • Anti-tip straps and instructions
  • Screwdriver


Step 1

Test the stand to make sure it's sturdy on its own. If a stand isn't sturdy on its own, placing a TV on it will more than likely make it less stable.

Step 2

Place the TV on the stand. If you have a large or heavy TV, have someone help you to reduce the risk of dropping the TV. Make sure you place the TV as far back on the stand as possible, but allow room for straps for fastening.

Step 3

Attach the straps to both the TV and the stand. There are many types of straps. Refer to the instructions for specific details on proper fastening.

Step 4

Test the straps' sturdiness by grabbing the top of the TV and lightly shaking it. If the TV is properly strapped, the base of the TV will stay flat on the stand. If the base doesn't stay flat, you probably need to fasten the TV tighter.

Step 5

Power the TV on and attach all media devices to the back of the TV after it is properly fastened. You should now be able to watch TV without fear it will tip over.

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