How to Attach Keyloggers to Email

By Palmer Owyoung

A keylogger can be a useful device for spying on your enemies or competitors. They are cheap, easy to use and can get useful information such as user names, passwords or data and can even record voice conversations, instant messages and e-mail. It's the ultimate spy tool.

Things You'll Need

  • Keylogger program like Spy Recon Complete

Step 1

Download and install a keylogger program such as "SpyRecon Complete." There are a number of programs available out there, but most of them require you to have direct access to the computer in order to install it. One of the more popular softwares that can be installed via e-mail is called "SpyRecon Complete" available at Install the program and configure it. You will need to tell the program which e-mail you would like to have the logs sent to. To do this launch the program and then go to "Settings" and "Report Sending." There you can put in an e-mail and the frequency which you would like to have them sent.

Step 2

Attach it as an e-mail and send it. You can attach the program just like any other e-mail attachment. If you're using a web-based application like Gmail, then you click on "Compose e-mail" and "Attach File," then you find which folder you placed the program in and double click on it and then click "Open." The problem these days is that most people know not to download attachments unless they are from a trusted source. So you may have to use the key logger to get into someone else's e-mail account who you know the recipient trusts. Label the attachment as a file that the receiver would be interested in so that you are sure they will download it. Once it is downloaded the program will automatically install itself and send you an e-mail confirming its installation. This all takes place in the background invisibly.

Step 3

Monitor your target. Once the program is installed it will track keystrokes, instant message conversations, it will take periodic screenshots and track URLs and a list of which applications have been used. It will then take all of this information and e-mail you at an interval that you've determined, be it once a week or once a day. Once you are finished the program even has a function to automatically and discreetly uninstall itself after a certain amount of time has lapsed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Before attaching keyloggers, consult with an attorney who knows the Federal and local laws protecting privacy to ensure you are not committing an illegal act.

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