How to Auto Number Table Rows in MS Word

By Andrew McClain

In Microsoft Word, tables are an effective way to present data. Sometimes, it helps to number each row, especially if you're illustrating call-outs on a graphic or need to call attention to certain rows in the table. Word's auto numbering tool lets you select a column and automatically insert numbers by clicking one button. After you insert the numbers, you can use Word's controls to change the appearance and style of the numbers.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word.

Step 2

Click "Table," "Insert," "Insert Table" from the main menu to create a table with multiple rows. Once you enter the number of rows and columns, click the "OK" button.

Step 3

Move your cursor over one of the borders in the table's left column. Click the left mouse button. This selects the column.

Step 4

Click the "Home" tab.

Step 5

Click the "Numbering" option. You will find it under the "Paragraph" section. Each row in the column will have a number in it. To change numbering options or the appearance of numbers, click "Format," "Bullets and Numbering" from the main menu. Click the "Customized" button under the "Numbering" tab to change the starting number or select a new font for the numbers.