How to Backup a Computer onto DVDs

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

For anyone who uses a computer and doesn't want the data to be lost with the computer/hard disk crash, taking the backup is very essential. You can take the backup of your data on a DVD, external hard drive and the Web. Remember that DVDs can store up to 4700 MB of data.

Step 1

Sort the data you wish to backup. Collect all the files to be burned in a separate folder of a drive.

Step 2

Set priority for burning. Important data should be on top of the list. Bank records and other financial documents, digital pictures, personal projects, software or music you purchased can form important data for backup.

Step 3

Plan your storage requirement from the size of data you need for backup. Sort the data as per the projects and then burn the DVDs so as to have an organized backup.

Step 4

Buy DVDs as per the storage you require. Choose trusted brands to prevent loss of data.

Step 5

Burn DVDs using the appropriate software. Insert the blank DVD in the drive.

Step 6

Write the data that you want to back up in the DVD by copying it in the DVD drive and then following it up with the DVD writing wizard.

Tips & Warnings

  • Write the title on the DVD immediately after writing to avoid confusion of data that it already backed up.
  • Ideally take the backup every 15 days in order to prevent the loss of data.
  • Keep the discs in a box or folder in order to prevent the damage of the DVDs.
  • Do not use re-writable discs in order to prevent the loss of data by accidentally writing over the backed up data.