How to Be Popular on YouTube

By Techwalla Arts & Entertainment Editor

The rising popularity of YouTube has made overnight stars out of some people who were just having a little fun with a camera. With the possibility of notoriety through YouTube, many people strive to achieve a certain level of fame, often with non-impressive results. Gaining popularity on YouTube however isn't rocket science. Learn how to become popular on YouTube and realize your dreams of Internet stardom.

Step 1

Start by doing a bit of research on which videos on YouTube garner the most attention from viewers. Watch the highest rated videos to see what type of videos get viewed the most often. You will most likely find that humor videos are the most favored by YouTube viewers.

Step 2

Think of a list of talents that you can display while being filmed. Write a short comedy routine if you are funny, or playing an instrument if you are a musician. Consider offering some sort of social commentary or coming up with an original comedic perspective as this tends to draw in viewers.

Step 3

Film your video with sufficient light and good sound quality, since your video quality will be scrutinized by YouTube viewers. Make sure that you look presentable on the video, even if you are mocking something.

Step 4

Record a series of videos where you have an ongoing dialog with the viewer about a topic of your choice. This series should be somewhat controversial and humorous if you want to elicit the continued support of your viewers. Political rhetoric is usually well received as well as social criticism, or the mocking of popular culture.

Step 5

Show your video to close family and friends and get an honest appraisal of your talent. If you are deemed to be not funny or talented, then it is imperative to find something entertaining to watch. Get your YouTube friends to subscribe to your video blogs; if you are entertaining you will gain more viewers each day and gain in popularity.

Step 6

Be ready to change your angle if the one you are using is no longer working. YouTube viewers can be fickle and will grow tired if content doesn't have some variety. Enlist friends to help you make a more varied YouTube videos. Plug your YouTube videos on other resources like Facebook, Myspace or your personal blog.

Tips & Warnings

  • Become an expert at promoting yourself.
  • Mimic sketch comedy shows like Saturday Night Live and MadTV as they provide great frame of reference for what people tend to respond to in terms of humor.